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What is AfricaCart?

AfricaCart is a social enterprise built to enable a direct to market platform and logistics for sellers of handmade goods and designs created in Africa.

Who can sell on AfricaCart?

AfricaCart is open to all artisan or designers based in Africa, please contact us for country specific details.

Is there any guarantee on quality?

All artisans and designers on AfricaCart go through a strict seller verification process; any items put up for sale also pass through a quality screening process before been shipped. This process ensures that ensure that all the items you purchase are of good quality and match product as described.
In addition to this we offer a simple return process to AfricaCart if you are unhappy with the good for any reason.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there is a refund policy. Please see our returns policy for details.

How does AfricaCart meet its social enterprise objectives?

This website provides a reliable platform for the African artists and artisans based in Africa to sell their products directly to shoppers in a foreign market. It creates an income stream in addition to local sales while also support them in logistic covering shipping, delivery and foreign exchange.

AfricaCart is committed to actively seeking out and nurturing young upcoming African talent. We invest directly through our partnership with local schools and support our artisans in building viable commercial enterprises out of their art or craft.


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