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About Us


A one stop location for the best quality African hand made goods. Somewhere you can truly be excited about and trust both the quality of the goods, our service to you and our commitment to the artisans we serve.

Our aim is to create an international market place both within and outside Africa for distinctive handmade African goods and fashion; one that supports African trades and craft, and connects buyers with unique expressions of African fashion and culture.

Why Shop With Us

At AfricaCart, we have take our commitment to Africa serious. That means focusing on artisans in Africa, wherever they might be and tackling the hidden challenges of logistics, materials, marketing and training.

For this we have built a purposeful team, with long term ambition and strong oversight.

Every time you shop with us, you take us one step closer to building a truly connected market place that empower individual artisans in your local communities. You also get to enjoy unique expressive products of outstanding value with guaranteed customer service.


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